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The Stache Bash event of the world is coming up on Friday October 30 in St. Louis. The American Mustache Institute's yearly Stache Bash is undoubtedly one of the greatest and most bizarre parties on the planet-I've been attending it and hosting that bitch since it started - and now we can barely find a venue to contain the veracity of stache it attracts. And to top it off- this year- both the legendary John Oates and my favorite mustache band, The Flavor Savers, are performing. Costumes are strongly encouraged-dress to your staches! Tickets still available- but going fast!


Hey Staches! Della Valle's Stache Bash 2009 is right around the corner. The event is a celebration of mustaches that involves a highly competitive mustache contest and electrifying musical performances- all within an environment that pulsates with complete respect for the legacy of the mustache. We're taking it to 9 cities in April, starting with NYC on 4/2. Click here for info.

12.20.08 Have a wonderful and safe and Merry Merry Mustache Christmas and New Year. If anyone catches Santa- knock him down and shave off his beard- leaving that big bushy white mustache- then point at him and say "Rock The Stache Santa! We'll be back next year with more mustache updates. Stay tuned for news about "Stache Bash 2009 Rock N'Roll Tour" featuring my band "Della Valle" in 15 cities on the East Coast in April.
12.1.08 Special Holiday Mustache Incentive: Order a copy of the Glorius Mustache DVD at it's normal price of $15- receive a free copy of the GMC Soundtrack of mustache songs ($13 value) and a free "Honk if You Dig the Stache" Bumper Sticker. This offer is good until 2009.
11.25.08 Mustache event tonight at Rehab in NYC. This is a charity event to raise money for Mustaches Vs. Cancer- an amazing charity in their first year of operation. Come down to rehab with or without your stache to support the cause. Event kicks off at 8pm. Yours truly, Mr. Jay Della Valle, will be your mustache host!
11.23.08 Movember event was absolutely insane. Over 2,500 people came and this animal just keeps getting bigger by the year. Over 200,000 people grew mustaches to raise money for Men's Prostate Cancer research via Movember this year, raising a whopping 27 million dollars worldwide. Almost sounds unbelievable. In Australia- there isn't a person who is not aware of Movember and they have the whole continent participating- it's amazing! What a concept!
11.14.08 Movember NYC Gala Party at Capitale in NYC. This is a killer event! If you're interested in coming- email me for some complimentary tickets! I will be hosting the event. Come in costume to compete for prizes! Man of Movember will win 2 tickets to a Playboy mansion party in California.
11.1.08 The first day of Movember. Check it out if you don't know about it. This is the month to grow a mustache. Movember gala event at the end of the month- yours truly hosting it!
10.31.08 Stache Bash was amazing. Over 1,000 people showed up to pay tribute to the stache. Robert Goulet Mustached American title awarded to Tim Galvin from Suffern. See the video here.
9.26.08 Vote for me, Jay Della Valle, for "Robert Goulet Mustached American of the Year." Polls open on October 3. Sign the mailing list so I can notify you when to vote. The winner will be announced at this years "Stache Bash 2008" in St. Louis. Click here to vote.
9.15.08 Folks, it has recently come to my attention that in this year of 2008- a man will take office. This man does not represent Democrats. He does not represent Republicans, nor any other party associated with the United States government. This man represents the mustache and stands for the rights of all mustached people here in the U.S and around the world. He is a man who wears his justice on his lip. And though he may trap unwanted particles deep within the jungle of this lip, he stands firm and proud, determined to see a world where a man is not judged by the color of his skin or where he went to college, but rather by the style of mustache he chooses to sport for the sake of sporting. He is "The Mustached American of The Year" and the world will decide who receives this title during the beginning of October. Friends- I encourage you to vote for me, Jay Della Valle, as I pursue this coveted title. Click here to vote.
8.25.08 Glorius Mustache Sale currently going on till December 1. Buy the DVD, get a free copy of the "Glorius" Soundtrack, exclusively available off this site ($13.99) value. Limited time only. Just order the DVD from the store- the CD will be shipped with the DVD.
6.4.08 Attention all New Jersey Staches! Upcoming Mustache Party at the "Elysian Cafe" in Hoboken, NJ on Tuesday Night June 17. Start prepping your staches! More details to come.
5.30.08 Stache Bash 2008 will take place on Saturday, October 25 in St. Louis, MO. More information to come. See www.americanmustacheinstitute.org for details!
5.15.08 We are proud to announce that The Glorius Mustache Challenge has finally secured a distribution deal. Our new home is Ocule Films. Check them out- they have a catalogue of terrific films, which now includes ours! Look forward to seeing a lot more of Glorius Mustache on TV around the world!
5.1.08 If you're interested in participating in Mustache May, check it out! These guys are ready to rock out this month. They're going to have a huge mustache event on May 31 as well. Rock those staches!
4.1.08 Mustache March just ended. Good job, men. Gear up for next year. Rock the Stache!

Mustache Party this week on Thursday 3/6/08! It's called "El Dia del Mustache" and it's being held at:

No Idea Bar
30 E 20th St, between Broadway and Park

Start your 'stache now to compete in this annual whisker-thon, which rewards entrants in five categories: Best in Show, Molester 'Stache, Novelty 'Stache, Dad 'Stache, and the pity-prize Sh*tty 'Stache -- "for growth achievement in spite of poor genes". Check the rules/photos/videos at ElDiaDelMustache.com

3.2.08 If you live in or around NYC, there is an awesome play thats running from 3/6 till 3/16. It's one of a series of short plays being put on by the Second Generation theatre group. It's called "Moustache Guys": Ali is worried. Her husband Paul has just joined the International Order of the Moustache Guys. So she dons a fake moustache and pursues her husband, exposing a secret world of shady characters and shadier facial hair.
2.29.08 Good luck to Jimmy Van Boxel, master hairstylist and owner of "Uberzoot! Hair Company," who is competing on 3/1 at the "World Championships of Hairdressing" in Chicago. His models will all don 'staches and he has offered to sponsor both The Glorius Mustache Challenge and my band, Della Valle, with his Uberzoot! Rock N'Roll Hair Products. Check out his myspace page -- his products are going to be everywhere eventually-they're that cool.
2.10.08 The Glorius Mustache Soundtrack features 13 songs all about mustaches --all awesome recordings by up and coming bands I found on Itunes and Myspace. They licensed their music to us-so that we can all revel in the joy a master compilation of mustache music inspired by mustache appreciation can provide. Free "Honk if You Dig the Stache" Bumper Sticker comes with that. Available right on this site in our Mustache Store. Rock the Stache!
1.28.08 Check out the band Mustache! This album of fierce rock songs spawns from the crazy music talents of two trash bags that sing about mustaches, chicks, drinking beer, and the good ole' American rock n'roll dream. Their CD just came out on Itunes. Check it be-otch.
1.5.08 Happy New Year to all! This is the time to start reflecting on all the things you did wrong last year and start using the friggen "secret" to make all your dreams a reality this year. For those of you who don't have a 'stache.....you might want to start using "the secret" on that this year. Nothing like a mustache to send out a message of success and get you to the places you need to be.
12.5.07 Holiday Special! FREE "Honk If You Dig the Stache" Bumper Sticker and "Rock the Stache Pin" with any DVD or CD purchase!
12.1.07 The Glorius Mustache Soundtrack is now available at our store! Purchase your copy today. 13 songs of mustache appreciation, celebration, jubilation, and admiration! You won't believe it till ya hear it!
11.1.07 Today marks the first day of Movember. What in the mustache sam hell is Mo-vember? Well, my friends--Mo-vember” is an annual month-long charity event involving the growing of moustaches during November to raise awareness about men's health issues, such as prostate cancer and depression. Participants are encouraged to grow a moustache from scratch during the month of November, while fundraising for selected charities. In 2007, mustache growing supporters raised 7.5 million dollars collectively around the world for The Prostate Cancer Foundation. If you're interested in participating, check out the website: http://www.movember.com and sign up!!
9.10.07 Check out the website for The American Mustache Institute. Anyone who respects the 'stache can join. Read the bios- See who's in charge!
9.7.07 The American Mustache Institute votes Keith Hernandez "Best Sports Mustache," resulting in the Mets commemorating his achievement by handing out 20,000 fake mustaches at Shea Stadium.
9.5.07 Tickle your nose for a few minutes by reading a recent review we just got in Montreal's Black Heart Magazine, entitled "Mustache Envy."
9.2.07 Mustache Derby 2007 happened last night in San Pedro, California. It was one of the most bizarrely entertaining experiences of my life, next to getting jumped by 2 poodles at a dog show. I won the award for "Most Rideable Stache." I am finally successful in life. Check out the pics!
8.7.07 Jay Della Valle travels to St. Louis to host 'Stache Bash 2007! More than 500 people show up to show off their staches and party hard. Borat co-hosts the event as people sweat their asses off under the energetic light of a mustache shaped moon.
8.5.07 Glorius Mustache featured in USA Today - "Mustache Fans Want No Lip About Their '70s Style."
8.4.07 Glorius Mustache featured in New York Press - "Stiff Upper Lip."
8.3.07 Glorius Mustache featured in International Herald Tribune - "Stache Bash' Celebrates the Mustache."
7.11.07 Glorius Mustache featured in Variety - "IKlipz Fills Interview Gap" - Read and see an interview between Jay and Dusty Smith from Roadside Attractions- learn about the hardships of struggling indies trying to break through!
7.1.07 Jose Valentin from the New York Mets is drudging up quite a bit of press about his 'stache. In fact, his nickname is "the stache." The theory is that his mustache comes and goes, determining the fate of the team. I think this is hilarious and I'm glad this many sportsfans are once again conscious of the amazing power of the mustache. We're rooting for you Jose!
6.22.07 More sweet news for the mustache nation: The Glorius Mustache DVD will soon be available at Urban Outfitters and Hot Topic. Don't run for it just yet though- we don't anticipate it being available to buy until August. We'll send an email out. Make sure you're on the email list for all mustache updates and current mustache affairs.
5.20.07 Good News for the Stache! The Glorius Mustache DVD will be available to buy at Amoeba Music in Hollywood California this week. You can also rent it at Vulcan Video in Austin, Texas.
4.5.07 Glorius Mustache is finally available on DVD. Go to our store to purchase your copy today! Warning: Watching Glorius Mustache may enhance upper lip growth and increase mustachial tendencies.
3.31.07 Jay Della Valle speaks with Covino & Rich on Sirius Maxim Radio. Mu-Stosh Month comes to a glorious finale at Hawaiian Tropic in Times Square. Who says you have to leave NYC in the winter to see chicks in bikinis? Rock la moustache.
3.25.07 Currently finishing our store so we can sell you Glorius Mustache DVDs! Sorry for the delay. We will be up and running and will send an email out about the DVD within the week. Sign the email list to be notified. Thanks!
2.1.07 The Glorius Mustache Challenge DVD will finally be available to purchase online as of March 15. Sign our mailing list and you will get an email to remind you to come back when the time of mustachial reckoning is upon us. It's been one hell of a ride.
1.20.07 Our movement continues and gets stronger with every hair.
MTV Overdrive | THE MUSTACHE'S BIG, BUSHY RETURN - No longer an accessory for porn stars and TV cops, the mustache is back. Fall Out Boy, Killers and others sound off about the trend.
12.18.06 Give the gift that keeps on growing. Yellow "Glorius Mustache" t-shirts on sale throughout the holidays. $10 plus S/H. Free sticker and fake stache with that. Merry Mustache!
12.1.06 Congratulations to all this year's Mustache Charity Challengers. We managed to raise $3000 in donations for "Doctors Without Borders." Not a bad collection for a handful of guys growing mustaches over a month. A gallery of all the participants will be going up soon. Through mustaches--we can make a difference. Rock the Stache be-otch!
11.30.06 Jay travels to Pittsburgh to celebrate "Mustache Month" with the stache-happy students at University of Pittsburgh. Thanks to all the students and staches who came out to see the film and participate in the festivities!
11.18.06 Next Screening is this Tuesday Nov. 21 at the Krane Theatre in NYC! Doors open at 7:30. Admission is $10. Portion of the proceeds goes to "Doctors Without Borders." It's almost sold out so RSVP now by emailing any names to: gloriusmustache@aol.com
11.2.06 Jay Della Valle & The Glorius Mustache Challenge featured in The New York Times today. Front Page of Lifestyles Section. Big day for the stache, baby. Big day.
10.24.06 Jay Della Valle interviewed on Sirius Radio- Maxim Radio's "The Covino & Rich Show" on Wednesday October 25 at 6pm. Tune in to Sirius Ch.108. The Challenge has begun. The 'Stache is upon us.
10.22.06 Remember to pick up The New York Times on Thursday October 26 to see the article about "The Glorius Mustache Challenge" and our current Charity Challenge taking place. It's not too late to get involved!!
10.10.06 Come celebrate "The Great Mustaches in Sports" this Thursday at Black Bear Sports Bar in Hoboken, NJ. Glorius Mustache Screens on 40 Screens! Beer, mustaches, food, sports, and hot ladies who love the stache. Grow a mustache or wear a fake.
10.4.06 Glorius Mustache is a huge success in Los Angeles! Hundreds of people showed up to support the stache and see the movie. JET and DJ AM performed afterwards-- Thanks to all those who came out!
9.13.06 There will be an LA Screening of "The Glorius Mustache Challenge" coming up soon, on Tuesday, October 3 at Cinespace in Hollywood. Rock your stache.
9.4.06 Our 3rd Annual "Glorius Mustache Challenge" will run from Oct. 22 until Nov. 22. We have chosen to support the charity Doctors Without Borders through convivial mustache growth. Your mustache can make a difference. Rules and guidelines to be posted on the website soon! Warm up your checkbooks and kiss up to your lips.
8.11.06 Jay will be interviewed on Fox and Friends tomorrow, Saturday August 12, at 9:45am. Channel 26 on Time Warner Cable. Channel 37 in NYC. Check your local listings if those don't work for you. This is a national broadcast. Yay.
8.6.06 Jay Della Valle to appear on Fox and Friends (East Coast Morning Show) next Saturday August 12. Details to be announced during the week!
8.4.06 Major Website updates added!! Check out our brand new TRAILER and also see our GALLERY section--featuring photos from all our crazy mustache events and 'stache rockers from all over the world.
7.14.06 Variety interviews Jay Della Valle in a feature article entitled the "The Summer of the Stache." Hollywood is back, baby.
6.26.06 CNN Headline News interviews Jay Della Valle about The Glorius Mustache Challenge. National Broadcast!! Watch the segment in our press section.
5.31.06 The Glorius Mustache Challenge is now listed on The Internet Movie Database! Discuss the film and your mustache passion on a message board. (Note: all discussions must invariably break down to petty name calling and baseless insults, as per IMDb standards).
5.22.06 We are now shopping the film to various distribution outlets, trying to make it available to the masses! We're workin' on it. Keep checking the site for upcoming screenings and advancements in mustache development.
5.16.06 Tonight--NYC Beard & Mustache Championships at the Knitting Factory in NYC. Grow it out and come on out! Sponsored by our friends from Splitting Hairs - a documentary coming soon about the World Beard and Mustache Championships.
4.24.06 Glorius Mustache to appear on ESPN's Cold Pizza. Stay tuned for the history of the baseball mustache!
4.10.06 Signs of mustache revival are cropping up everywhere. On TV, in the news, and in the magazines. Men--grow your staches out and exercise your god given natural abilities to produce upper lip hair. Rock it with pride.
3.28.06 Glorius Mustache appeared on Geraldo at Large today. Click here to watch the clip. Geraldo rocks!
3.21.06 Glorius Mustache will be featured as special guest on The Today Show this Friday March 24 at 8am Eastern Standard Time. America is officially growing a mustache.
3.19.06 For those of you who missed our Good Morning America segment--don't beat your stache up--it's already on the site. Click here for instant viewing pleasure.
3.11.06 Holy Mustacchio! Catch Glorius Mustache on Good Morning America on Sunday, March 19, at 8am!
3.10.06 Sirius Radio Listeners!! Tune into Maxim Radio-Sirius 108 at 12:30pm--Glorius Mustache talks about the mustache with Covino & Rich.
3.8.06 "The Glorius Mustache Challenge" screens tomorrow, Thursday March 9, at Tribeca Screening Room in NYC. Doors open at 7:30. RSVP to: gloriusmustache@aol.com Rock the Stache!!
3.6.06 Glorius Mustache interviewed for the WB Channel 11 News! Watch it Thursday Morning at 8:30am--and then go to work!
2.22.06 Glorius Mustache interviewed by the "Finnish Broadcasting Company"-- to air on a popular television program in.. FINLAND.  We've gone global!!
2.21.06 Jay Della Valle promotes the March 9 premiere of "The Glorius Mustache Challenge," as he and friends guest bartend at Luke and LeRoy's in NYC: 
21 7th Avenue South & LeRoy. 7-11pm. $1 Tacos, $3 Beers, $10 Margarita Pitchers. Mustaches, Tacos, & Awesome Music. It's going to be..Glorius. 
2.17.06 "Mustaches are taking over NYC." Run for your lips! Glorius Mustache on the cover of AM New York today!! Pick it up while it's hot. Tssssss.
2.14.06 Happy Valentine's to everyone! I bought my mustache chocolates today. It's the little things that go a long way.
2.10.06 Glorius Mustache returns from Hollywood after one week of productive and intense mustache promotion. Expect an LA Premiere sometime in the spring. One thing is for sure: LA women seem to condone the mustache much more than NY women. Maybe it's me. Hmmm. Or maybe it's the 85 degree weather. Food for thought.
1.25.06 Glorius Mustache and an entourage of mustachioed bandits return from Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah--after promoting mustachial cheer and jubilation to the film-going masses. Next year is the year. Mark my upper lip.
1.14.06 Due to popular demand, “The Glorius Mustache Challenge” will screen again on Thursday, March 9, at Tribeca Screening Room in NYC. Sign the mailing list to get invited!! Admission is Free!
12.30.05 Glorius Mustache featured on the news!! New Jersey News 12 came to my apartment and interviewed me about the project. It was glorius!!

Glorius Mustache has its private independent premiere at Crash Mansion in NYC, followed by a Mustache Soiree — featuring performances by “Della Valle” and “Acid Reign.” Wear a mustache!!